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Friends of the Library

Join the Friends of the Library Today!

To become a Friend of Craft Memorial Library please come in and complete a membership form or print and fill out the Friends Form and turn it into the Front Desk along with your dues.

The purposes of the Friends of Craft Memorial Library are:

  • To maintain an association of persons interested in libraries.
  • To stimulate increased awareness and use of Craft Memorial Library.
  • To assist with services to the community and schools.
  • To sponsor and encourage volunteer participation in activities.
  • To represent the library at the request of the Director and Library Board.

Annual Dues

Student .50 (non-voting)

Individual 5.00 (one vote)

Family 10.00 (one vote for each family member living in the home 18 or over)

Business & Organization 25.00 (one vote per company)

Patron 50.00 (one vote except if family, then one vote for each member living in the home 18 or over)

Friends, an entity of Craft Memorial Library, are a tax-exempt organization.

Dues and gifts to Friends are tax-exempt!  Receipt provided upon request.