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Library Policies

Craft Memorial Library is part of the West Virginia Library Network.  You may use your library card to check out at any of the libraries in this network.

How to Get A Library Card  
You must have two IDs in order to get a library card.  One ID must have a current address.  ID's can include any of the following:
-- Picture ID 
--Piece of recently canceled mail with a current address
--Social Security card
--Birth certificate
--Military ID
--Check with a current address
--Voter registration card with a current address

A Parent or legal guardian MUST be present for patron ages 6-16 to obtain a library card
--The first library card is free. The first three replacement cards cost $1.00.   Afterwards, there is a $5 replacement fee.
--Patrons will be required to present their library card to check out materials or use the computers

Your card is good at any West Virginia Library Network location in the state of WV.  Check out the WVLN website for more information about the WVLN network.

 New patrons may checkout up to 2 items each visit.  Once they have borrowed a total of 10 items, this restriction is removed.

DVDS and Blu-rays
DVDs and Blu-rays may only be checked out by someone 18 years old or older.  They have a 7 Day loan period and may not be renewed.  If returned late, there is a $0.25 per day charge.  The library will not be responsible for any equipment damage from using the disc.   There is a limit of 2 DVDs/blu-rays per household.

Books, Audiobooks, Large Print items
If a new book has a red sticker on the back, the book goes out for one week.  These items have a late charge of $0.25 per day.  Other items have a 2 week loan period and may be renewed up to two times if no one has placed a hold on the item.  All others have a late fee of $0.10 per day.

Newspapers and Magazines
The library has the Bluefield Daily Telegraph on microfilm dating back to 1896.  We also keep 3 months back issue of other local and regional papers.  Current magazines are on display and available for perusal.  The library keeps 1 year of back issues of magazines that patrons may request to see.  Back issues of some cooking and craft  magazines, such as Taste of Home or Creative Knitting, are interfiled with the non-fiction books and are available for checkout.

Interlibrary Loan
Materials unavailable at Craft Memorial Library may be requested from other libraries through Inter-Library Loan.  Patrons must have a current Craft Memorial Library card that is free of overdue materials and/or fines and have previously borrowed at least 10 items.   There is no charge for this service except fees imposed by the lending library.  Patrons may only request 3 items at a time.

Materials are loaned as a courtesy and their conditions of use, including due dates, must be respected.   Loan periods are established by the lending library and may vary. A typical loan period is three weeks.  Most items take one to three weeks to arrive. Some items are more difficult to obtain and may take longer. 

Loans must be returned to the Circulation Desk on or before the due date.  Patrons who need to renew materials for a longer period than allotted must request an extension at least a week before the due date. The lending library decides whether to renew the items.   

In general, recently published books, reference books, CDs, DVDs, and other types  of media, cannot be borrowed.  Most libraries will not loan old, rare or fragile books.  Books and journal articles are the most commonly borrowed items.

The complete title and author's name is needed to process the request. Additional information such as date of  publication, edition, and publisher is also helpful.
Patrons will be notified by telephone when the item arrives.   Incoming items may be picked up at the Circulation Desk during regular business hours.

Computer Usage
In order to use the computer you must have your library card with you and have filled out a Computer Use Policy Form.  If you are visiting from another state, you may use your driver's license to sign up for a computer.  Please familiarize yourself with our computer use policy before using the computers.  Computer policies can be found here.